Friday, 5 November 2010

Slinkachu Ideas.

In my last lesson we had to research an city artist called Slinkachu, where he uses little figures to create art and then leaves them there. we have now got to recreate our his work in a marketing campain for the college.

My ideas are as follows:
Location: A litter bin with the cigarette stubber on the top.
Scenario: Lil person sat on a cigarette butt.
Props needed: cigarette butt

Location: Table top in common room.
Scenario: Lil people, with lil table and chairs plaing cards.
Props needed: to make lil table and chairs.

Locaton: Keyboard in a Computer room
Scenario: A little person sat on the edge of a key with a laptop on his lap.
Props needed: Keyboard + lil laptop

Location: Canteen table
Scenario: A little person sat on a chip eating a bag of chips
Props needed: A large chip or two

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