Thursday, 17 February 2011

Soft Box (In fill light)
Model Light (Main light Right hand side)
Snood (Back light)

We took it in turns to take photos and have a photo taken using a manual zoom on the camera and using the three lights for effect.

pringles camera obscura.

 we had to do a recreation of a camera obscura but using a pringles tube.  we had to cut one pringles tube and put tissue paper and clamp it down with the lid. we had to pierce a hole in the bottom with a pin. we then had to tape it together, and then wrap it in tinfoil to make sure no light would enter.
we then looked out of a window to see everything was upside down.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

muybridge recreation

we had to recreated the muybridge theory or motion studies but this time with 4 cameras but we still kept the 4 second theory. we had four cames in a line and had the subject walk past throwing a ball in the air.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

assignment 2.3

where to hold the exhibition?
Media department

How it might look?
On presentation boards

Who to invite?
Media students

Titles for the photos?
turning up the bass
take a break time
power up time 
do my ears look big in these

Health and safety?
bags and coats on the floor
tape and wires down
make sure the presentation boards are secure. 

History of photography

Muybridge's Motion Studies

    Can you find Image evidence of the techniques?
    When was it first discovered and by whom?
     Edward James Muggeridge in 1867
    What is  special about the technique? 
     Muybridge managed to capture time itself in a way which had been oblivious to anyone else.
    How does  this technique work? Can you find or describe the processes needed to make it work? Maybe illustrate how it is made.
     muybridge placed 24 cameras in a line with electric shutters which went off every four seconds.
    Can you comment how important this technique has been for the history of photography. For example was it popular and is it still used today?
    the technique isn't used as much any more just to teach students of the technique.