Sunday, 3 October 2010

Unit B - Digital Images - Assignment 1

What is the difference between traditional photography and digital photography? 
The difference between traditional and digital photography is that you have to use light sensitive paper with a film and chemicals but with digital there is a sensor instead of film.

What are the different sources of digital images? 

The different sources of digital images which take photos are :
Ipod, Phones, Camera, CCTV and Webcam.

The different sources which store photos are:
Tv, Computer, Ipod, DVD, Phones, Camera, Xbox, CCTV and Internet.

How are digital image files stored and played on a computer?


Original photo which hasn't been processed. not all software can convert or edit an item which is in RAW.

Using the jpeg format means you can save alot more photos but most of the quality is sacraficed.

Other types of format are:
Bitmap - .bmp - for use on windows
Pict - .pct - for use on mac
Tagged - .tif - high definition - best for printing photos.
Photoshop - .psd - Edit photo
Graphics - .gif - used on compuserve

How is digital image file quality measured

Digital images are measured by pixels, 1 pixel includes 1 million pixels

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